Pregnant? Are you taking these 3 supplements?

Natural supplementation and nutrition during pregnancy. Dr Lauren Chiropractor, Denver, CO

Pregnant? Are you taking these 3 important supplements?

Let’s face it, our diets aren’t always perfect and because of this we can be missing out on vital nutrients which help us stay healthy. That’s where supplementation comes in. Supplements are exactly what they say they are- a supplement to your diet. Supplements are not a replacement for a balance diet but help ensure you are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that may be lacking from your diet. During pregnancy, it is of utmost importance to have optimum nutrition in order to grow a healthy baby. If your feeling overwhelmed with what supplements to take during pregnancy start with these 3 supplements.

Vitamin D


– 40-60% of American’s are deficient in vitamin D

– Vitamin D plays an important role in brain function in a developing fetus.

– Low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy have been linked to raise in Autism

How to get more of it:

Salmon is a great natural source of Vitamin D and Omega-3.

– Eat more salmon, egg yolks, and almonds

– Get more sun! Soak up the rays for 5-10 minutes with arms and legs exposed 2-3 times a week

– Supplement- 2,000 – 4,000 IU/day depending on current vitamin D levels



– Contains DHA which is vitally important for your baby’s eye and brain development

– Can help lower the risk of childhood asthma and allergies

– Used to make nutrient rich breast milk after birth

How to get more of it:

– Eat more salmon, chia seed, and walnuts

– Supplement- 1,000 mg/day

– Look for a high quality supplement which contains both DHA than EPA and more DHA than EPA.



– Folate deficiencies in mothers have been linked to serious birth defects of the spine and brain, known as neural tube defects.

How to get more of it:Supplementation and nutrition during pregnancy with Dr. Lauren Love Chiropractor, Denver, CO

– A methylated folate supplement may be the best choice during pregnancy since up to 60% of the population can not turn folic acid into it active form.

– Its best to get the majority of your folate from natural whole food sources like dark leafy greens and citrus fruits.


If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant please don’t hesitate to reach out and find out about the important of a healthy diet and healthy spine during pregnancy. Call Dr. Lauren with any questions or concerns or to schedule your first visit at (303) 720-6911.