Logan Basic for a Natural Pregnancy and Labor

The pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and much of this change happens in the pelvis and sacrum. Shifts in sacral alignment during pregnancy can lead to increased lower back pain and hip pain as well as increased labor time and difficulty.

A chiropractor, named Hugh B. Logan, recognized the importance of sacral alignment and founded a gentle, low-force adjustment called Logan Basic Technique to help realign and balance the sacrum, the surrounding muscles, and ligaments. Logan Basic Technique during pregnancy can help promote proper position of the sacrum which is vital for for achieving a more comfortable pregnancy and natural labor and delivery.

How Does it Work?

Logan Basic for a Natural Pregnancy and Labor

The sacrum or tailbone is located at the base of the spine acting as natural foundation for the spine above. Just like a house needs a level foundation to avoid shifting so does our spines. Often during pregnancy, due to the change in center of gravity and increased laxity of ligaments there can be a misalignment or change in the natural position of the sacrum. This misalignment is seen as one side of the sacrum tipping forward. Logan Basic Technique is comprised of a specific evaluation of the sacrum and surrounding musculature to determine which side of the sacrum needs correction. The adjustment is a light contact on the sacrotuberous ligament to help lift the side of sacrum which has rocked forward.

Logan Basic and Pregnancy

In regards to pregnancy and labor, normal sacral position and balance of the pelvis is vital. During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for women to experience increased tightness the lower back and gluteal muscles which can lead to lower back, hip, and pubic pain. Logan Basic Technique can be performed safely throughout the entirety of pregnancy and can help reduce pregnancy-related symptoms and provide optimal pelvic function.

Other Benefits of Logan Basic Technique

Another wonderful aspect to this gentle technique is its function to help balance the nervous system and improve the response of the parasympathetic or “rest and digest” nervous system. Major control of the parasympathetic nervous system is from the sacral nerves which are located right under the ligament that is contacted during Logan Basic. By aligning the sacrum, taking tension off the sacral ligament, uninterrupted function of the parasympathetics can be achieved. One can experience natural relaxation, decreased tension of the pelvic floor, and even lower blood pressure and heart rate with improved parasympathetic function!