5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

chiropractic during pregnancy

Chiropractic is a safe, holistic, and drug-free way to feel and function optimally during pregnancy. More pregnant women are seeking chiropractors to be a part of their prenatal health team due to increased awareness about chiropractic care and its many benefits for an expecting mama. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is very gentle and there are specific adjustments to help accommodate a woman’s changing body. This is why it is important to find a chiropractor who familiar with pregnancy and works with pregnant women often.

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

1. Natural Relief from Lower Back Pain. Chiropractic care can help relieve lower back pain naturally and safely. It is estimated that more than 50% of women will experience pregnancy related lower back pain. The reason behind this is, as the belly grows the center of gravity moves forward, and lower back curve increases putting more pressure on the joints of the lower back and pelvis. Chiropractic adjustments help keep the spine and pelvis in alignment, helping prevent and alleviate lower back pain.

2. Ease Pregnancy Symptoms. Chiropractic can help ease pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, heartburn and swelling in feet and hands. Chiropractic adjustments help ensure optimal brain-body communication, and if there are misalignments in the spine, nerve communication can be interrupted and symptoms begin to show. Take a look at the chart below to see if any of your symptoms can be related back the to spine and nervous system.

chiropractic pregnancy chart3. Stronger Immunity. Your immune system is intricately connected to your nervous system. Proper function of the nervous system is imperative for proper function of the immune system. Pregnancy can take a toll on the immune system and extra stress during this time can make your body more vulnerable to illness. Chiropractors can help keep you healthy and feeling great during your pregnancy. Chiropractors can also help you with proper nutrition, supplementation and healthy lifestyle changes which can all have a positive impact on you and your baby’s health.

4. Optimal Fetal Position. The position of the pelvis and sacrum play a large role in how a baby is most comfortably positioned in-utero. Chiropractic care can help ensure proper alignment of the pelvis allowing the baby to have optimal room in-utero, making it easier to him/her to get into a head down position. Proper positioning of the baby can help lower the risk of back labor and/or need for cesarean.

Restore Balance in Pregnancy

5. Easier Labor and Birth. Chiropractic adjustments can help shorten labor and make the birth process easier. If the mother’s spine and hips are in proper alignment, and the nerve communication to the muscles of the pelvic floor and uterus are free and uninterrupted, labor and birth can progress more easily and possibly take less time than if there was an alignment issue. For moms who want a drug-free natural birth, chiropractic care can help them achieve that goal.

Choosing chiropractic care during pregnancy is one of the most important and life changing choices you can make for you and your baby! Chiropractic care is a safe, gentle and drug free way to keep your body functioning and feeling its best. Chiropractors can provide you with natural and holistic expertise to help ensure you have a well-rounded team of health professionals by your side.

25 thoughts on “5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

  1. Kairi Gainsborough Reply

    I had no idea that chiropractic help can result in a shorter labor when giving birth. I’m sure that is something that most expecting moms would be interested in! My sister is pregnant right now, and she told me she is not planning on getting an epidural shot this time. If getting chiropractic adjustments can ease the pain, then it sounds like a great idea to me. I’ll have to tell her all about this.

    • Lauren Love Post authorReply

      Great, thanks for spreading the word about chiropractic care and all its great benefit for pregnancy! She can learn more about chiropractic during pregnancy here too!

  2. Roger Middleton Reply

    My wife is currently pregnant with our second son and the pain on her back has gotten pretty bad. I liked that you had mentioned that going to a chiropractor is a natural way to get relief from the lower back pain and fix the alignment. I’ll have to start looking around for a pregnancy chiropractor that can help her out and alleviate the pain she is dealing with.

    • Lauren Love Post authorReply

      I’m sorry to hear she is in pain. The Webster Technique is a chiropractic sacral analysis and adjustment with the goal to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation (or misalignment). You may want to look for a chiropractor who is familiar with this technique. I outline it further here.

  3. Hector Uba Reply

    I’m glad you talked about why you should see a chiropractor when you are pregnant. I had no idea that chiropractic care could change the fetal position so drastically. My sister just got pregnant and she has been experiencing some back pain; I will be sure to share these tips with her.

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  5. David Edmonton Reply

    Thanks for the article. It would have helped me and my wife a few years back, but I will surely point it out to those who can benefit from here forth.

  6. Rosie Beckett Reply

    My sister is a few months pregnant and she has been experiencing some back and neck pain, so I am glad that I found this article! You make a great point that a chiropractor will be able to help relieve this pain by correcting posture distortion from the belly weight gain. Also, the fact that a chiropractor would be able to help reduce the time of labor and delivery would be a huge benefit for my sister and I will make sure to share this article with her.

  7. Taylor Bishop Reply

    Thanks for explaining why it could be good to see a chiropractor when you are pregnant. I actually didn’t know that chiropractic adjustments could help make sure that the nerve communication in your spine isn’t interrupted. This sounds very helpful especially if it can make you feel in control of your own body throughout the pregnancy.

  8. Dave Anderson Reply

    That is awesome that with pregnant women, getting chiropractic adjustments will help keep the spine and pelvis in alignment. My wife is pregnant and has bee having some lower back pain lately. I will have to schedule a chiropractic appointment for her to relieve her pain.

  9. Dr Patrick Quinn Reply

    Great Share! Very useful, I like the way you shared this post. This is really amazing content thanks it was useful and I have learned a lot from it. I would definitely recommend this post to my patients. Many thanks for this wonderfully shred post. So many valid points that need to take care during pregnancy.

    • Lauren Love Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comment Dr. Quinn and taking the time to read my article. Please do share with your patients! The more people under chiropractic care the better!

  10. Ellie Davis Reply

    I didn’t know that a chiropractor could help ease nausea you may be having from pregnancy. I’ve been miserable during my 5 months of pregnancy and want to go see a chiropractor. I’ll have to look into finding the best one in my area.

  11. Taylor Anderson Reply

    One of my friends recently found out she was pregnant, so I’ve been wanting to learn more about pregnancy and such. She’s kind of a hippie, so it’s great that a chiropractor uses holistic methods to relieve pain. What are some important qualities one should look for when hiring a chiropractor?

  12. Chiropractor Santa Barbara Reply

    It sure was nice to know that chiropractic care can develop a healthy sleeping pattern for you because it can reduce pain and anxiety that can affect your sleeping patterns. My sister has been experiencing sleepless nights due to Pregnancy. She said that she wanted to achieve a good sleep again so she can do her duties at work efficiently. I will share this with her so she can consider seeing a chiropractor soon.

  13. Fred Bauer Reply

    I never knew that getting proper chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can actually assist relieving pain. I will definitely have to ask my local chiropractor! Thanks!

  14. Ellie Davis Reply

    I liked that you mentioned chiropractor care can help relieve lower back pain naturally and safely. My sister is pregnant, and we are looking for advice to help reduce her lower back pain. I will let him know about the benefits of chiropractor care to help her decide.

  15. Vivian Black Reply

    You made a great point about immunity and how the immune system benefits from getting an adjustment from a chiropractor. My husband and I are expecting our first child and I want to do as much as possible to promote a healthy and successful pregnancy. I will keep these tips in mind as I search for a professional that can provide this service.

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  17. Victoria Addington Reply

    You made a good point when you mentioned that visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy helps ease pregnancy symptoms. My sister is three months pregnant, and she started feeling pain in her back that’s why I thought about visiting a chiropractic clinic for treatment. Also, I had no idea that this can make the birth process easier.

  18. Afton Jackson Reply

    When you said that chiropractors can help with heartburn, nausea, and other pregnancy symptoms, I was reminded of my sister who’s currently pregnant. She’s been constantly battling dizziness attacks ever since she approached her third month, and I was wondering if there was anything we can do to help. Once I find a chiropractor in our area, I’ll make sure that we get her an appointment to make her feel better.

  19. Chiropractor Christchurch Reply

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